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Welcome To the Travel Blog...for Coaster Fans

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Hello fellow coaster fans! My name is Julie, and yes, I am obsessed with coasters. I am excited to be sharing my money saving ways on a travel blog along with sharing my favorite theme park tips and tricks. Oh, not to mention the FYE Coaster channel is the reason I discovered this awesome rabbit hole of the coaster community online. (Yes, hours spent watching park videos, researching coasters, etc).

Now, I might not have the most travel experience for parks, but I have done a fair bit of travelling on the cheap. I mean, going to London, England for $950/person for the flight and hotel? Seems too good to be true, but my boyfriend and I have done it. And we found a way to even save on the experiences (more details in future articles).

In addition to knowing the tricks of the trade of cheap travel, I would like to fancy myself a bit of an expert when it comes to knowing how to spend a day at a park, especially on the cheap. Some of this comes from my two seasons working at Kings Island, others are from personal experience at amusement parks by simple observations. Once again, more to come in the future.

I am almost 100% sure that you are wanting to know the fun stuff about me, especially related to coasters. So, here it goes:

Pets: I have a dog. She is an adorable 16lb mutt and is my baby. We do not have human kids, but she is our child.

Home Park: Kings Island (also worked two seasons in food as my first job)

First coaster: Top Cat at Kings Island (now known as the Great Pumpkin Coaster). I remember riding it until I practically had to be dragged off by my parents.

Favorite coaster: California Screamin’ (now the Incredicoaster) at Disney’s California Adventure. I had not done much research on the coaster before riding it, but hey, I walked on it like 5 times.

Favorite Kings Island Coaster: Banshee. To me, inversions feel like flying.

Favorite Defunct Coaster: Vortex. It was rough towards the end, but worth it for the inversions

Favorite Flat Ride: Delirium or Skyhawk

Ride I Avoid: Drop Zone (or Drop Tower). I love free fall rides, but HATE waiting for any non-coaster ride.

Favorite Water Slide: Tropical Plunge drop slides. I love free fall rides.

Favorite Coaster Manufacturer: B&M. They are BEAUTIFUL to look at.

Coaster Count: 75-100 I think. I am really bad at math, and I did not know that coaster counts were a thing until about 5 years ago.

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