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Kings Islands 50th Season

Hey guys hope all is well since the last time we have talked. As I am writing this, Kings Island has already opened for the 2022 season. For those of you that have been to the park already this season, I'm sure you have seen the updates they have done. The park looks amazing!

So lets take a look at International Street. As you walk into the park you are greeted by a gigantic sign at the front of International Street. The banners throughout the park look amazing as well. Its the little details they did this season that mean a lot and make the park look so much better than its been in years!

As we move on, lets check out Racer in Coney Mall. So as most of you know, Racer was the first ground up roller coaster at Kings Island. What did Racer get for its 50th? A MAJOR revamp done to it. Most of Racer has been retracked in the last few years, so a fresh coat of paint with the original red, white and blue colors. If you want to see a video of Racer you can check out our video on opening day.

Not much has changed in Rivertown not sure if i got photos of the painted and newly updated arcade. Beast remains closed until May when the retrack is done for that. So stay tuned what Beast is like when it reopens.

Making our way up by Planet Snoopy, Race for your life Charlie Brown got the water wheel back. I never noticed that in the past but that cool they brought that back! A few rides in Planet Snoopy got a fresh coat of paint as well.

Lets cross over the front of the park and work our way over to Action Zone. Not much work was done this year in Action Zone besides Timber Wolf. So the Timber Wolf outdoor theater has been getting a revamp, as they are bringing concerts back to the park! Stay tuned for more information as we get it, super excited to see the park using that space.

Making our way to Octoberfest area of the park. Adventure Express, the station and ride got a overhaul. As well as the entrance to the ride, they took some trees and shrubs out. Looks a lot better.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little article. Stay tuned for more of our travel blog throughout this season not only at Kings Island, but other parks and fun things to do as well!

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