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Good morning. Another opening weekend has came and gone for Halloween Haunt at Kings Island located in Mason Ohio.

As always I try and go to every opening day I can. With that being said I have some mixed thoughts on this years Haunt. Nothing bad but hear me out.

So in years past, as you are walking up to the entrance to the park, you can see fog spewing out of the front gate. This year, there was none of that. I'm not sure what's going on with the fog game this year.

To me that is one of the most important things to add to the "feel" of Haunt at Kings Island. When you are walking around the park and you can't see around the corner and a monster is there waiting to scare you. I feel with no fog it takes the thrill away.

New for 2022 is Hotel St. MicHELLe. This took over the Urgent Scare building, back by Windseeker and in between the Racers. So this new maze is actually pretty good. It takes place in the early 1920's. You are sneaking in an abandoned hotel named after the manager's missing daughter.

The theming and story behind it is pretty cool. As you walk in, i believe you are in the "basement/boiler room". You work your way upstairs and you walk through this long hallway that reminds me of the movie "The Shining". Then you work your way through some rooms, and you exit via the lobby.

We will have a video of the whole hotel at the end of the season so stay tuned for that!

Lets get back to Haunt. So they made some changes to a few things. Pumpkin Eater is now as soon as you enter Action Zone. I like that change, they moved it over there, spread it out a bit more and it just fits better over there.

Cornered, got moved from Tower Gardens over to Timberwolf. This was a good change too except one thing, we got in line a little before 8pm (when outdoor maze(s) open). Not knowing since this was in a whole new area, we didn't know how far up the entrance was.

So 30 mins later, we finally got up to the front. The line really was not that long. As we were walking through the maze you could tell it wasn't done all the way, so that was a bit of a disappointment. You can tell there was a bunch of corn missing in one of the parts. Again lacking of fog here too. They could do so much with that back there due to where its at.

Again I am very well aware it was opening night. So I can't wait to get back to see if they added anything to that maze.

I was sad I was not able to make it over to Area 72 to check out the new Alien X scare zone. That review will be coming here soon. I did get to check that out on the media preview though.

They also have some new shows. Videos of those will be out soon on our YouTube Channel so make sure you are subscribed for that!

Stay tuned for photos and videos of the food and a review of the Tricks and Treats Fall Fest, their day time family event.

Over all Haunt is back and amazing as always with a few things I wish they would of had from years past (fog).

Thank you guys for reading this. I enjoy typing these reviews out. I don't do a lot of video reviews but a few might be coming here soon! A lot of people have been asking.

Enjoy a slide show of some photos we took opening night.

Until next time!


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1 Comment

David F. Ellis
David F. Ellis
Nov 24, 2022

Well, first of all, I think the HAUNT 2022 seems to be a positive one which is the most definite recommendation when it comes to Kings Island's HALLOWEEN HAUNT event.....I enjoyed going to Kings Island for not just the entire season alone but for HALLOWEEN HAUNT/Tricks & Treats Fall Fest.... In case you're wondering, I got the buttons for Tricks & Treats Fall Fest (three of them this year) plus the mini-version of HAUNT 2022....I have some friends that works at the park mentioned to me that they were working on getting the big version which I do still have yet to get to.... It's been a great HAUNT 2022 season.

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