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Good morning. Another opening weekend has came and gone for Halloween Haunt at Kings Island located in Mason Ohio.

As always I try and go to every opening day I can. With that being said I have some mixed thoughts on this years Haunt. Nothing bad but hear me out.

So in years past, as you are walking up to the entrance to the park, you can see fog spewing out of the front gate. This year, there was none of that. I'm not sure what's going on with the fog game this year.

To me that is one of the most important things to add to the "feel" of Haunt at Kings Island. When you are walking around the park and you can't see around the corner and a monster is there waiting to scare you. I feel with no fog it takes the thrill away.

New for 2022 is Hotel St. MicHELLe. This took over the Urgent Scare building, back by Windseeker and in between the Racers. So this new maze is actually pretty good. It takes place in the early 1920's. You are sneaking in an abandoned hotel named after the manager's missing daughter.