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Kings Island's "VIP" Section

Good morning guys. Its that time of year where most people have renewed season passes for the 2023 season. With that being said, I (Josh) got the all new prestige plus pass.

So like everything "new" no one ever knows how it is. It might look good or bad to someone on paper until they try it. We will be doing a full review of the new passes next year when more of the perks come to play.

Lets get back to the one i can do this year, How can you get into the VIP section? If you have the new passes you have access to the VIP section located over by Adventure Express exit and the Coca Cola freestyle drink stand. If you do not have the pass you can buy a day ticket for $40.

So as you enter the VIP area, there is a booth with a worker. You can scan your pass and they may or may not give you a wrist band for the day ( I got one just to try it out). When you enter to your right is a cart and a fridge FULL and i mean FULL of drinks, anywhere from coke, diet coke, water, Powerade.

Grab yourself a drink get some chips, then make your way over to some of the seating they have. You have the choice of couple tents with nice outdoor furniture and tables in the middle, or you can work your way towards the back where they have two tv's and couple ceiling fans with more tables and couches.

They also have a section of lockers but they don't have any locks on them yet, so maybe bring your own? Not sure what the point is having lockers if they don't lock. But still a good feature to have!

So who is the VIP section for? From my 1 day experience so far, this section is meant to relax for a few mins, chill out, take a drink eat some chips. It is not to "hang out" for 8 hours, if you wanted to you could. But it was nice to sit away from the crowded midways to relax and sit down.

Overall I feel if Kings Island is going to sell more of these passes, they need to add at least two more to the park, One back by Windseeker would be cool, then one in Planet Snoopy somewhere would be nice. They will be adding one to Soak City for the 2023 season. We will be covering that one as well once they open next year.

As for the rest of this year, I can't wait to see what they do with it for Haunt and Winterfest!

Thanks for reading, if you enjoy blogs like this, consider becoming a member of our site. It is free and will always be free! Until next time!

Let us know what you think about the VIP experience here at Kings Island!


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