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Off Season fun!!! 1-31-22

Welcome to the first blog post of 2022!!!

We all know know the winter can be dreadful, no parks are open (unless you travel out of the Ohio area). So what do we do? Keep reading to find out.

This past weekend we met up with some of our closest friends to hang out, eat dinner and just all around have a good time!

This is what we do in the off season. We are all one big coaster family. We all meetup at parks during the summer and hang out in the winter.

We would like to start doing this yearly in the off season. Also we are looking to do more in the parks this summer as well. So keep an eye on our website and facebook page for meetups!!

So first we all met up at Jungle Jims in Eastgate Ohio. If you guys have never been to Jungle Jims you defiantly should go. Here are a few photos of our day at Jungle Jims.

Here is the entrance, no these trams are not from Kings Island. The other Jungle Jims has those.

So as were walking around, we see these old bumber car cars from Coney Island!! They have a few more in different colors by the candy section but didnt get any photos of those.

Here is the front view. Were you one of the lucky ones to ride these at Coney Island?

We then were just taking a stroll through the store then we came across "THE BIG CHEESE"