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Sill need a Cedar Fair pass for the 2024 Season?

Hey guys its April so spring is upon us here in the east coast. Is Kings Island or Cedar Point your home park? Do you still not have a pass yet and cant decide which one or what park to get the best option? Well look no more!

I was kind of slacking this year on renewing my passes, I had other things come up and I just renewed mine yesterday March 21st 2024. In the past i have always got my passes at Kings Island. However this year with the cost of everything going up I decided to shop around.

If you didn't know you can renew or buy a pass for ANY park at ANY Cedar Fair park, then take it to your home park and use it there. So I was thinking about Canadas Wonderland. I got on their website and brought up Kings Island website and compared the two. Keep in mind this is going to be for one Gold Pass with the All Park Passport, all season dining, all season Funpix and the upgraded Drink Plan!

Kings Island

1 Gold Pass will cost you $541.48 here is the breakdown

New Gold Pass $145

All Park Passport $100

All Season Dinning $165

All Season Funpix $56.99

Drink plan plus paper cup $49..99

Total after tax and processing fee $541.48

Now lets compare.

Canadas Wonderland

New Gold Pass $125 CAD or $92.10 USD

All Park Passport $105 CAD or $77.36 USD

All Season Dinning $165 CAD or $121.57 USD

All Season Funpix $44.99 CAD or $33.15 USD

Drink plan plus paper cup $49.99 CAD or $36.83 USD

Total after tax and processing fee $563.67 CAD or $417.07 USD = $124.41 savings.

So with choosing Canadas Wonderland you are really getting the better deal!

I hope this helps if you have not got your pass yet for the year and if you have any questions please feel free to ask! Thanks for reading and we will see you later!

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