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Camp Snoopy Construction Tour April 14th 2024

Kings Island's New for 2024 is an addition to Planet Snoopy called Camp Snoopy. Camp Snoopy is described as this "Attention Campers! Join Snoopy and the Beagle Scouts next year at Kings Island’s new Camp Snoopy. Opening in 2024, the expansion of the park’s award-winning Planet Snoopy kids’ area will feature Snoopy’s Soap Box Racers, a brand-new family roller coaster that races both forward and backward; and Beagle Scout Acres, an area where kids can run, crawl, play or relax with the family in a shaded comfortable space." This can be found here!

Kings Island reached out to myself and other YouTubers and Social Media enthusiasts to take a very cool construction tour of the all new Camp Snoopy! Along this tour we got to see the whole site which is still very well a very active construction site. I love seeing sites like this during this phase cause when its all done you can compare and see the difference from how it was to what it looks like when its done.

So the tour was from 2pm to a little after 3ish. We get there, we line up get our hard hats, get checked in. Chad and Elizabeth then walk us back behind Woodstock Express into an entrance by Surf Dog. When we get over there they do a brief talking of what we were going to be doing and the areas what we would see.

As we walk through the gates you can just see all the progress that has been done and still needs to be done based on the renderings. Right when you walk in to the right will be the all new food area over there called Pig Pens Mess Hall. As of this tour they were just working on the skeleton of the building.

After that we proceeded to what we all came here to see Snoopys Soapbox Racers! Kings Island's newest coaster to add to their fine lineup. They showed us the whole ride area. We got to take our photo by the main support, we got to see the station, control room and more! The video will be coming out after this blog.

Kings Island said this area will open late spring, which means late May or early June! Snoopys Soapbox Racers is on the ERT lineup starting June 1st. So we shall see.

Overall nothing too special the construction site was very messy as they are working. I think personally this wont open till mid June, I could be wrong and hope im wrong. Snoopys Soapbox Racers or SSBR looks VERY good. We got to walk up to the station and the track goes right over the station, that will be a cool element! Also Flying Ace which is now Woodstocks Air Rail got a BEAUTIFUL paint job. It looks better than the 2 shades of orange/yellow.

We hope you enjoy this little updated. As of this writing the park opens this Friday April 19th for passholder preview and Opening day is this Sat April 20th. We can't wait.

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