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Winterfest 2022 What to Expect?

Hey guys, it's that time of year again, I know I am writing this a little late. Tomorrow is thanksgiving. As I am writing this we have 2 days until Winterfest opens for the 2022 season!

I hope if you are reading this on thanksgiving eve or thanksgiving day that you enjoy this.

I would like to start writing more blog posts as the off season continues with us. So let's get down to business.

What should you expect for Winterfest at Ki if you have never been before? So as you drive into the park, the parking tolls are usually decorated with a huge sign in the middle that says "Kings Island Winterfest". Along with all the tolls having lights and wreathes on them.

So when you park then start walking up to the ticket booths, you have no idea what you are about to get into. As soon as you scan your pass or ticket, you are walking into a "winter wonderland".

All of International Street is decked out. Talking about lights EVERYWHERE. Then to top it all off, the Royal fountain is an ice skating rink, and in the background lurks the tallest Christmas tree in the area!!

That's just the entrance, each shop is decked out, you still have Skyline and Larosas on I-Street. The Emporium is where the skate rental is. I could just go on and on about I-Street. But we got more to talk about.

Let's work our way to the right side of the park, so entering Planet Snoopy, you have MOST the rides open. Not all are open but most are. Boo Blasters, most the flats. So if you have little ones you can defiantly have fun too!

Let's walk over to Rivertown, not much is happening by Diamondback, usually in the Back photo/store is where the big man is, ho ho ho Santa!! Be sure to get your photos with him, if you are one that likes to take your own photos, don't worry you can but they have tons of blue light in there to kinda mess with it and it looks like crap, so they make you buy theirs lol.