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Whats new for Kings Island 2023?

Hey everyone, how's it going? Been awhile. So i wanted to talk about what we can be expecting for the upcoming season for Kings Island. As I wont have many photos in this blog entry just picture it the best you can.

So lets start out with "what's new for 2023". We are getting a whole new themed area by Adventure Express called "Adventure Port". Along with this upgraded new section, we are getting a few new rides, and a "retheme" of Hanks.

What we know so far, is the park is providing updates through social media and its looking amazing! I personally most excited for the upgraded area around Adventure Express. AE has always been a "underrated" coaster imo. It has AMAZING night rides, and they are bringing life to this area which was MUCH needed.

So what else is new? Kings Island adds a little each year even if we don't always get something big, but besides a whole new themed area this year, we are getting a fresh coat of paint on Diamondback. Along with that, im sure they will be painting parts of the park as well as they do every year.

So the other "big news" is no more Chick Fila. The park has not said why, but it was announced at Cedar Points Winter Chillout event that, they will no longer have the food chain there, and we know with Kings Dominion they have already removed theirs.

So why? Just time to part ways, and probably don't want to pay for the license to sell their food. Its more "profitable" to sell your own food. Along with that, could we see Subway go bye bye too? I have never ate the Subway there. But then that questions Skyline, Larosas, and Greaters Ice-cream. Only time will tell!

Other than those things, we are not sure what else they are doing with the park. We plan on attending pass preview night if they have one this year, "usually the day before the park opens" so this year would be Friday April 14th.

What are you most looking forward to for the 2023 season? Me personally im excited to see the new Adventure Port area along with Diamondbacks new paint job!

Stay tuned here for more updates, feel free to become a FREE member of our website so you dont miss all the latest and greatest. We are also on all social media! Thanks for reading and we will see you later!

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