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Hey guys as I am writing this we are at 25 days until Kings Islands opening day for the 2022 season. This year is going to be a bit different. Why? Read on to find out.

So what is going to be different? Frist things first, after the pandemic the prices of everything raised like crazy. So don't be surprised to see prices raised, probably parking to start with, food, merch, you guys know the drill.

What's next? This year is Kings Island's 50th anniversary. It's not every day/year your park turns 50. We have seen some amazing things happen to Kings Island over the past 50 years. We have seem some amazing attractions come and go, from the original Bat, to Son of Beast! We have also got some pretty awesome rides as well, Beast, Diamondback, Orion!

So this year what's new?? We have been keeping up on the Kings Island blog throughout the off season. We may not be getting a new attraction for 2022 but the park is getting much love! Many many rides are getting repainted. Racer is the main one, that thing is going to be looking fire!! Beast is getting a major and much needed overhaul. You can go to Kings Island site and under blog posts check them all out there.

(photo from Kings Islands website)

The park has also started to redo the parking lot during Winterfest last year. This was much needed as well. We should also see some buildings in Rivertown near Beast and Larosas painted as well.

So what should you do first on opening day, or better yet if you are going to passholder preview day? If you are a coasters enthusiast you are probably going to run to Orion, I mean who wouldn't? But what if you didn't run to Orion, Banshee or Diamondback? I think Racer and Beast will be super popular this year. Racer would be a good first coaster for the season for the nostalgia feel and look of the ride. Beast (lets hope its done) will be like a whole new ride!

Food? What about food we always have to talk about food. Kings Island never messes around when it comes to good food. We will be covering more food this year. But Kings Island has your typical burgers, fries, pizzas. Coney BBQ is a really good place to eat with the family, they have huge helpings and one meal can normally feed 2 people.

All in all I think the 2022 season will be an absolute blast, With new shows, food, entertainment, and general park updates, this year will for sure be one in the books.

Stay tuned to our website as well all our social medias and YouTube for updates throughout this year.

Thank you guys for reading hope you have a great day!

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