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Late Night Thoughts August 2022 "How did Fye Come to Be?"

Hey guys,,,

So a lot of people always ask how I started Fye Coasters. I figured this would be a good story to tell when i have free time. Might be a long one so sit tight and i appreciate you guys reading this.

So where did this all start? My love and passion for coasters did not start when i was a child. It was in my teenage years during middle school and high school. I would visit the park during the years but never really did anything with all the photos and videos.

So one day in 2013, I created this page called "kings Island Where Else". I started, posting photos and videos for the fun of it. Couple days go by, I started getting all of these notifications one day. This stuff was BLOWING up! I am sitting there thinking, wow what just happened.

So over the next few years I increased my trips to Kings Island and continued to post photos and videos.

Coming up to the year 2016, it was November or December I believe, I was coming up on my first trip outside of Kings Island and Cedar Point. This park would be Dollywood. I was super excited, I have always heard good things about this park. I would be traveling down with my good friend. Matt Killion. or back then Coaster Matt Productions.

Before i go down to this new park with a new friend. I need a new name, why would i cover a park outside of Kings Island with a "kings island" name? So one night at work, yes i use to work nights, it was hard but on my days off i went to Kings Island lol.

I was driving my forklift at the time and I suck at coming up with names. So after thinking about this long and hard, I thought to myself, "my favorite store when i was a kid going to the mall was "FYE", I loved tech (still do) I will always be a tech junkie at heart! Anyways, I was thinking, what about Fye Coasters, but the F.Y.E. wouldn't stand for anything. Come to find out over the years thats what you guys called it so we did release one logo with that under the wording but then got rid of it with our current logo.

So i officially changed the name to Fye Coasters in 2016. Along that new name change, i had to come up with a logo. Back then i was not good at coming up with stuff like that, so i did my best with what free tools i had at the time. So thats how the name Fye Coasters came to be.

Getting back to my first visit to Dollywood. That year a new hybrid coaster opened up "Lightning Rod" known as a RMC. At that time i wasnt big on the coaster names and the different types example "hybrid". Everyone learns. So i got my first rides with Matt on this amazing new coaster.

To top that trip off, Jeff and Logan along with Taylor from Coaster Studios was down there. He happened to be filming a parody, I will try to put the clip below. But i appeared in one of his parody videos. Which at the time thought that was pretty dang cool lol.

Lets fast forward to 2018. In 2018 Fye Coasters was blowing up. With that being said, i thought to myself i need help. I need help covering parks i cant get to, i need help with photos and videos.

So along came this guy named Matt, (yes i know another Matt lol) He kept commenting on my photos and videos saying he goes to Cedar Point all the time and what not. So I just straight up asked him if he wanted to help me out with posting updates, videos, photos and everything in between.

This became very successful. Then over the next few years we have grown to at one time 9 people on the Fye Team! Now even though we dont have as big as a team, We still focus on what best for YOU. You the viewer, com-mentor, follower, what ever you see your self to us.

So lets talk about YOU for a little. My main reason i keep this up even almost 10 years later, is because of you guys. When i post a live updates, go live at parks, post something a family visiting any park that has not been there before and i can help someone out. Thats what makes my day.

When i can post something that helps someone out, i get such a great feeling. Most people that have a coaster page or group or youtube seem to only care about numbers, whos the best, or who has the most following. As you guys know we are different for a reason, as we are not like that.

I just cant say enough how thankful i am for you guys. Without you this wouldnt be possible. Take this website for example, Im paying for this each month out of my pocket. Here at Fye we believe everything should be free. We NEVER ask for your money at all.

We have put out services to help provide a "better experience for the user" and what money we have made off of anything in the past goes into this website. So when it comes to sharing our brand, even if its on every social media platform out there or our website, which btw has a free thing to signup to be a member!

I would love to push more traffic to the website along our YouTube. Its just hard sometimes as each social platform is different that the other. At least my website I own the rights and everything thats on this.

If you have made it this far i really appreciate it. I know this is a long one. I will have to go back and add photos to this some other time. Tonight was the season finale of "Better Call Saul" not sure if any of you watch that show.

So as that show was on I typed all of this. Anyways thanks again and comment below if you guys have any questions.

Until next time!

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