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Kings Island with Kids

With opening day only a few days away, I would like to take a moment to talk about Kings Island with kids. I do not have my own children, but I have taken my goddaughter and little cousins many times to the park with me. As a thrill seeker, I have to adapt to taking kids to Kings Island.

My cousins were easy to take along, as they listened. The challenge was having one that was tall enough for everything and will ride everything and another that is more timid with thrill rides. We were able to find a happy medium. We rode things such as Adventure Express and Racer, along with Shake Rattle and Roll and Scrambler.

Now the real challenge was my goddaughter when she was younger. She is a lot like me where she cried because she desparately wanted to get on Beast and Vortex. I took her on rides such as Scrambler, Monster, Shake Rattle and Roll, the Eiffel Tower, Carousel, and Planet Snoopy. I took her on Woodstock Express, her first wooden coaster. We even went on Surf Dog. She always wanted to go on the rides that she was too short for. Luckily, she is tall enough now. However, her mom is not sure about taking her on some of the larger rides either just yet. She is a thrill seeker like her father.

With the new additions such as Sol Spin, there will be a lot more family experiences scattered throughout the park, in areas that have historically not had anything.

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