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Kentucky Kingdoms Winter Walkthru 5-5-2022

Hey guys another blog post for you. Hope everyone had a great weekend. The weather was AMAZING. Warm enough to ride coasters!!

So as always Kentucky Kingdom does their yearly Winter Walkthrough. So to start out the day they have breakfast for us (donuts, pop,water,juice)

After everyone was there we all worked our way over to their training room for the presentation. Full video is up on our youtube channel!

Some of the things they talked about, whats new for the season, including rides they are removing to make room for future expansion and as well as their new season pass tiers.

After the presentation we worked our way outside to start our tour. Upon exiting the building we all got our very own "steel coaster".

We then began to cross the street to start on that side first. The first ride we came up on was their classic woodie Thunder Run. New for 2022 the entire lift hill got a total retrack. You wont find a smoother lift hill anywhere near!

Thunder Run entrance sign.

New lift.

Another look.

After that we worked our way over to the parks only RMC coaster. Storm Chaser. This coaster opened April 30th 2016 featuring a height of 100ft with speeds up to 52 mph with 3 inversions! If you have not rode this ride yet, I highly recommend making the trip to Louisville to ride it!

Storm Chasers plaza area.

Storm Chasters Station

One of the inversions.

After Storm chaser we worked our way on the back side of the park passing around Thunder Run and passing Eye of the Storm which is the parks Larson Looper.

We then came upon on T3! The parks most popular coaster! If you know you know!

After passing the best coaster in the park. We worked our way through the water park.

New for this year they are updating their Splash Zone for children. New this year will be, new plumbing, new concrete, new wood, ropes as well as paint.

New Splash Zone for 2022

After that we worked our way over past Kentucky Flyer which they didnt let us get close to this year :(. Little side story, few years ago before they did this event we got a private tour of the park and that was during Kentucky Flyers construction we got to go right up to the coaster. Maybe ill write about that story some other day.

So we then worked our way to their picnic grove area which includes most their ride vehicles. We get to get up close and personal the with the trains for all coasters, we also got a look at the unopened 500 new chairs for Hurricane Bay!

One of Storm Chasers Trains

Storm Chasers wheels

Thunder Run's lead car.

T3 chassis

Parts of Kentucky Flyer

Front part of Storm Chaser

Lightning Run car.

After this we then went to work our way back across the street, but before we did that we stopped at the Giant Wheel, which they mentioned probably wont be opening up this year, they are putting a lot of work into this thing and should be open for the 2023 season!

After that we headed back across the sky walk to cross the street and they took us where they are removing one of their kiddie rides, The train, Sun and Moon, and their water coaster Deluge will be leaving for the 2022 season!

After that we walked by Lightning run. Didnt get to go up and close like we did the first year, but still got a few photos.

After that we then worked our way back up to the front of the park where the tour ended.

Over all King Louies Winter Walkthru 2022 was a great time. Had a blast meeting new friends and hanging out with my coaster fam. I want to say thank you to Kentucky Kingdom for this great event and hope to be back this year to check out Keys to the Kingdom and get some rides in on all the amazing attractions.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and I really enjoy writing these. Little different than just posting a few photos on facebook.

Our video of the full tour will be out tomorrow March 8th 2022. So make sure you are subscribed to our youtube channel

Cya guys in the next one!

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