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Kentucky Kingdoms Winter Walkthru 5-5-2022

Hey guys another blog post for you. Hope everyone had a great weekend. The weather was AMAZING. Warm enough to ride coasters!!

So as always Kentucky Kingdom does their yearly Winter Walkthrough. So to start out the day they have breakfast for us (donuts, pop,water,juice)

After everyone was there we all worked our way over to their training room for the presentation. Full video is up on our youtube channel!

Some of the things they talked about, whats new for the season, including rides they are removing to make room for future expansion and as well as their new season pass tiers.

After the presentation we worked our way outside to start our tour. Upon exiting the building we all got our very own "steel coaster".

We then began to cross the street to start on that side first. The first ride we came up on was their classic woodie Thunder Run. New for 2022 the entire lift hill got a total retrack. You wont find a smoother lift hill anywhere near!

Thunder Run entrance sign.

New lift.