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2024 Cedar Fair Pass Change

As of July 17th 2024, Cedar Fair made the announcement of some pass changes for the 2024 season. The Platinum Pass is no longer going to be offered in 2024. In years past, you would have Season Pass, Gold, Then Platinum.

Regular pass would usually just get you into the park up until Labor Day Weekend, while Gold will get you into the park of your choice along with free parking and admission to Halloween Haunt and Winterfest if that applies to your park. Then you have Platinum which is all the perks of Gold just with EVERY Cedar Fair park!

So what is "All Park Passport"? Here is what it says on Kings Island's website. "All Park Passport is a premium season pass add-on available for purchase with a 2024 Kings Island Gold or Prestige pass. Instead of purchasing a separate pass product, this add-on now grants you access to all parks in the Cedar Fair family with either a Gold or Prestige pass. Not only that, but your Gold and Prestige benefits are also valid at other parks as well. The All Park Passport is $95 with the purchase of a 2024 Gold Pass and $125 with the purchase of a 2024 Prestige Pass".

So what does this mean for 2024? With the Platinum being gone, you will now have just your Gold pass and Prestige pass. Gold you can add all the parks to your gold pass and all the add ons will be good at every other park for an extra $95. So that what you are paying "extra" instead of paying up front for the old Platinum pass.

So what about Prestige? Prestige will more than likely stay as it is including the preferred parking, 1 time fast lane, 15% off, and access to the VIP lounge. If you want access to all the other parks then this will cost you $125 extra to gain access to all the Cedar Fair parks.

Only time will tell once passes go on sale. Which should be soon!

Thanks for reading! If you enjoy this kind of stuff, feel free to join our website. ITS FREE TO DO!! We will have more coming out on our travel blog here soon!

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